Hubby/Dad/Business Brain


Wife/Mom/Creative Brain

Piper & Theo

Children/Decision Makers


Cam and Katie met in high school (awwww) and dated for 5 1/2 years all through college. In 2012, Katie graduated from an Associates Degree for Business Technology while Cam graduated from Winthrop University with his Bachelors in Marketing. The two then went on to get married in August of the same year (August 11th to be exact!). 

In 2012, Katie got a job at CBS Radio in Charlotte, NC while Cam worked as a part-time pastor and a part-time marketing manager for a small firm uptown. They loved the ability to work, create, and love what they do. As time went on, Cam felt the call to enter into a full-time youth pastoring role with a local church, while Katie began to pursue a more creative role within the CBS corporation. They both have a great drive to create and to help others find the potential in their life, business, and other endeavors. They found that their skills were growing so that they could do this for their friends.

Brilliantly the two had discussed ideas of starting a small business to simply create clean and simple marketing solutions for their friend's small businesses. They did some odds and ends, but when it came time to make a bigger step...they were pregnant. Piper Elizabeth Smith was on the way and all the plans were on HOLD. Little did they know that having a baby in the house, well... IT CHANGES EVERYTHING. Katie decided to become a full-time mom. It was a great time of growing together and learning how to be both husband and wife while also being mom and dad.

So early in 2015, the two decided to take steps to finally put together Smitty Ink (in the need of diapers and college funds). They are both passionate about great work, and love people. They love to see others achieve their ideas, and to bring things to life. Cam is more of the business brains and web design, Katie provides the creative firepower with design and social media, while Piper is really the fuel to the fire. The Smitty family recently added baby brother Theo who is the team's sleep extraordinaire. They are excited about what the future holds and would love for you to join the family!